Jonah’s Tomb, and the Monastery of St. Elijah’s

Ok, so what do the prophets Jonah, Nahum, the fifth century saint Elijah, and the city of Nineveh have in common? According to the New York Times article, all of them are associated with several archaeological sights in and around Mosul, in northern Iraq.

The 101st Airborne has as one of its bases a monastery erected in 500 a.d. by a St. Elijah. Nearby is the purported tomb of the prophet Jonah, who warned Nineveh to repent to avoid destruction. The Corps of Engineers is trying to restore the monastery, which is in disrepair.

The Smithsonian Magazine says “the fortress-like house of worship with the early initials of Christ—the symbols of chi and rho— [is] still carved into its doorway. It was constructed by the Assyrian monks in the late sixth century and later claimed by the Chaldean order. In 1743 the monks were given an ultimatum by Persian invaders and up to 150 were massacred when they refused to abandon their cells.”

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