I apologize for being slow to post in the past month. It’s been a busy Lent. I read Pope Benedict’s Homily on the tradition of using Holy Oils and I thought I’d share it, since there’s a fair amount of Scriptural basis to it. Benedict is a true scholar of Scripture, so I hope you […]

The prophet Jeremiah began his ministry around 630-620 BC. After the Babylonian’s failed to take Jerusalem in 598 BC, Jeremiah counseled against making an alliance with Babylon’s enemy, Egypt. The king ignored Jeremiah, and the price of ignoring his advice was to provoke Nebuchadnezzar to lay siege in 587. Jerusalem was destroyed, and its prominent […]

Beginning in the eighth century before Christ (800-700BC), we see the development of a new type of literature in the Old Testament: Prophecy.   This coincides with the division of Israel into two dynasties, the northern and southern kingdoms.  The prophets often predicted or anticipated disaster. The prophets Amos and Hosea correctly predicted disaster that […]

Recap In the last post we covered the proto-covenant in Genesis, and the first explicit covenant between God and Noah. Both of the these covenants are pre-historical with respect to the history of the Israelites. The proto-covenant between Adam and God requires simple obedience to God’s will on man’s part, for the wages of sin […]