Scholars typically divide John’s Gospel into two parts, the Book of Signs and the Book of Glory.   This would come as no surprise to a student of Sacred Scripture, since the term “sign” (σημεῖον – ‘semeion’ Strong’s 4592) appears fourteen times in the first half of John’s Gospel, while “to glorify” (δοξάζω – ‘doxazo’ Strong’s […]

The Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ is celebrated by Catholic, Anglican and some Lutheran & Orthodox churches. It is a celebration of the presence of God among us – a celebration of God become man, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and Jesus victory over the cross with the Resurrection. Adoration […]

John 17:1-11, the Gospel reading for the seventh Sunday of Easter, is the longest prayer recorded by Jesus in Holy Scripture.  It has been compared to the “Our Father,” though the prayers are not really similar, other than the commonly-occuring phrase “deliver [them] from evil.” John 17 has been called a “high priestly prayer” by […]