Lo, I will come like a thief!  Yes, we all know that this is a biblical turn-of-phrase. But what exactly does it mean, and in what context is this language used in the bible? In the Old Testament, the term “thief” [κλέπτης] is used in derogatory fashion.  a passage from Zechariah 5:1-4 is instructive: Again […]

Does the New Testament directly claim that Mary was a virgin at the time she conceived Jesus, or is the virgin birth of Christ a quaint tradition, not rooted in any theological truth?   Perhaps we should double-check the accounts of the birth of Christ in both Matthew and Luke’s Gospel. Matthew the Evangelist tells […]

I generally do not get fired up when I read a papal homily or speech, but I was fascinated by the Holy Father’s address on Mary, which he gave to the bishop’s synod.   in the address, Pope Benedict explains why the Church refers to Mary the mother of Jesus as “Mother of God” and […]