This Sunday’s Gospel reading celebrates the solemnity of Christ the King (the reign of Christ).  This is the last Sunday in the 2011 liturgical calendar, and it is the final Gospel reading from Matthew as well.  Next week, we begin a new liturgical year, and we read from a different Gospel – Mark’s. This reading […]

In Matthew chapter 25, Jesus concludes the five-chapter Sermon in the Temple. This Sermon is his valedictory address, which begins with a debate with the religious leaders and ends with final words of advice for his disciples.  Jesus offers the disciples two final parables and a commentary on the Last Judgment in chapter 25.  We also […]

Our Gospel reading for Sunday, November 6 is Matthew 25:1-13, and it can be accessed here for the Catholic lectionary, and here for the RCL.  My background notes on the Sermon in the Temple, which ought to be read in conjunction with this post, are here. The parable of the Ten Virgins, otherwise known as the Wise and […]

Our readings for this Sunday, October 30, continue an enormous nine-week cycle of readings that span five chapters (21 to 25) in Matthew’s Gospel.  At the same time, these readings represent a single incident in the life of Jesus: his preaching in and around the Temple in Jerusalem. This incident is known as the Sermon […]