A favorite New Testament passage is the story of the “Good Shepherd” in John chapter 10. Jesus tells the story of the Good Shepherd while standing on the steps of the outer courtyard of the Temple in Jerusalem.  This Sunday’s reading recounts the first half of this famous Gospel story. To modern readers, the story that […]

The Gospel Reading for the Third Sunday of Easter is drawn from Luke chapter twenty-four.  This story is sometimes known as the “Road to Emmaus” account, where the risen Lord bumps into two disciples on the very day of his resurrection. Luke tells us that the disciples do not recognize Jesus (they may not have […]

John 20:19-31 is the source of the gospel reading for the Second Sunday of Easter. This is Christ’s first post-resurrection appearance to the disciples in John’s Gospel, where he appears to the ten (excluding Judas and Thomas) in the Upper Room in Jerusalem. Christ commissions the apostles on that first Sunday that he appears in […]

A few years ago I conducted a retreat where I talked about the characters in John’s Gospel and how they related to Jesus. I asked the retreatants to see the similarities between ourselves and some of the personalities in John’s Gospel. This Sunday’s gospel reading is from Matthew’s Gospel, and I suppose we could do […]