Last month the Americans won the women’s World Cup, besting Japan, five to two. I was looking at the stats, curious to see who was scoring all the goals. And one name jumped out: Carli Lloyd. Carli’s 33, which actually makes her one of the younger stars on a team filled with veterans, some of […]

A while back I was teaching a religion class, and I said, “we’re going to talk about the story of the miracle of the loaves and the fish.” And sure enough, I got the standard reaction from my students. “Father Justin, why didn’t Jesus just call Pizza Hut?” “Father Justin, there are a lot of […]

Our reading for the eighteenth Sunday in ordinary time, the tenth Sunday after Pentecost, begins the first of four Sunday Gospel readings on the Bread of Life discourse. The theme of physical and spiritual nourishment figures prominently in John chapter 6 – first in the miracle of the the two loaves and five fishes (6:1-15), […]