The Gospel reading for the twenty-sixth Sunday in ordinary time is another story of mercy recounted only in Luke’s Gospel. Even as contemporary readers, we could well imagine that Matthew would take a pass on this story, since it challenges the status quo in a way the author of Matthew’s Gospel might want to avoid. This […]

The Feast of the Ascension is normally celebrated forty days after Easter – hence, Ascension Thursday.  However, the celebration is sometimes moved to Sunday, and therefore this Sunday’s Gospel reading is Saint Luke’s rendition of the Ascension.  We should consider the meaning of the Ascension. First, the Ascension fulfills a prediction of Jesus that he […]

Scholars typically divide John’s Gospel into two parts, the Book of Signs and the Book of Glory.   This would come as no surprise to a student of Sacred Scripture, since the term “sign” (σημεῖον – ‘semeion’ Strong’s 4592) appears fourteen times in the first half of John’s Gospel, while “to glorify” (δοξάζω – ‘doxazo’ Strong’s […]