Scholars typically divide John’s Gospel into two parts, the Book of Signs and the Book of Glory.   This would come as no surprise to a student of Sacred Scripture, since the term “sign” (σημεῖον – ‘semeion’ Strong’s 4592) appears fourteen times in the first half of John’s Gospel, while “to glorify” (δοξάζω – ‘doxazo’ Strong’s […]

A favorite New Testament passage is the story of the “Good Shepherd” in John chapter 10.  This is also our reading for the fourth Sunday in Easter (John 10:11-18). In this account, Jesus tells the story of the Good Shepherd while standing on the steps of the outer courtyard of the Temple in Jerusalem. To modern readers, the […]

One Saturday way back when I was studying in Rome, the entire seminary walked over to the Lateran Basilica. One of the four major basilicas in Rome, it is an ancient church, perhaps older than St Peter’s.  We were celebrating the November 9 feast day of the dedication of the Basilica, and the homily was […]