After the celebration of Pentecost and the conclusion of the Easter season, we resume ordinary time with the celebration of Trinity Sunday. We celebrate Trinity Sunday immediately after the Easter season and Pentecost in order to affirm the presence of the Triune God among his chosen people… us. While the biblical story of Jesus may have […]

A few weeks back a Greek newspaper ran a spectacular pictorial of a priestly ordination, where four deacons were ordained to the priesthood in the Greek Orthodox Church. The pictorial and the imagery brought into focus some continuity between Greek Orthodox liturgical practice and the testimony of Paul’s letters. One question commonly raised in the […]

The Gospel reading for the sixth Sunday of Easter  is a continuation of Christ’s reflection at the Last Supper.  His homily, preserved only in the Fourth Gospel, makes no reference to the Eucharist, bread or wine. Instead, Jesus gives us an extended discourse on his relationship with the Father, the Holy Spirit, and his disciples. […]