Happy New Year! Today is the Feast of the Mother of God, the last day of the Octave of Christmas. What a wonderful opportunity to reflect on two pasasages from Scripture. The first is from Luke’s account prior to the birth of Christ (Lk 1:43) when Elizabeth encountered Mary: And how does this happen to […]

Matthew’s Gospel is written for the benefit of an audience of Jewish heritage. We know this because Matthew quotes Sacred Scripture liberally, because the Jesus’ encounters with the Pharisees and scribes figure prominently, and because of the importance of the Sermon on the Mount as a central component of Jesus’ ministry in the Matthean gospel. […]

In addition to being part of the Catholic canon of the bible, the Book of Judith and its heroine is well-known among contemporary Jewish believers. The book tells the story of a virtuous and heroic woman whose faith in God delivers the Judeans from her enemies. The Book of Judith is the subject of scholarly […]

If we want to understand Paul’s theology of justification, it helps to understand the logic and structure of Romans 2 to 5. Note that Paul first addresses the division between Gentile and Jew, especially on the question as to whether the law of the Torah (on circumcision) should be obeyed by all Christian members of […]