In addition to being part of the Catholic canon of the bible, the Book of Judith and its heroine is well-known among contemporary Jewish believers. The book tells the story of a virtuous and heroic woman whose faith in God delivers the Judeans from her enemies. The Book of Judith is the subject of scholarly […]

If we want to understand Paul’s theology of justification, it helps to understand the logic and structure of Romans 2 to 5. Note that Paul first addresses the division between Gentile and Jew, especially on the question as to whether the law of the Torah (on circumcision) should be obeyed by all Christian members of […]

The concept of justification, which was introduced into the theological vernacular in the 16th century, is laid out by St. Paul most elaborately in Romans. Chapters 2 through 6, in particular, speak of “justification.” It is difficult to appreciate what Paul says without reading the introduction to the situation in Romans 2. Consider verse 25, […]

It is timely to note, during this Christmas season, Paul’s theology of the fool for Christ: the Christian believer who adheres to the message of the gospel. As I was writing my previous post on Matthew’s account of the birth of Jesus, it struck me that Herod played the fool in Matthew’s account. In Herod’s […]

The Gospels of Luke and Matthew tell us the story of the events concerning the birth of Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph. If you read both accounts, you will find different key events. The Sacred Author Luke tells us that there was a census and for that reason Joseph took Mary from Nazareth, in […]