I was a bit surprised the other day when I was informed by a Reformed blogger that we are called to “grow in grace.” This was news to me, as I thought only Catholics spoke of “growing in grace.” I googled the phrase and noticed that it is not uncommon in the Reformed confession to […]

The Gospel of John chapters 13 to 17 contains an extended discourse that takes place at the Last Supper.  There is no mention of the discourse (including the washing of feet) in the synoptic gospels, and some scholars have pondered as to why this is so.  The first thing we should state is that only […]

I suppose we are on the theme of literary dyads – stories that occur twice in the gospels. Yesterday’s blog examined the story of the Galilean fisherman and Jesus in the Gospels of John and Luke. Today I’d like to look at Jesus’ forty days in the desert, recounted in Matthew 4:1-11 and and Luke […]